Our services offer comprehensive planning and execution from conceptualization to project delivery. We cater to unique needs by integrating modern industrial equipment and producing customized products. With years of experience in all phases of work, we can adapt to diverse environments, including clean spaces, the food industry, ATEX, harsh environmental conditions.

Our aim is to produce systems of high quality, efficiency, and reliability that are easy to maintain and meet your satisfaction. No challenge is insurmountable, we enjoy facing them.

We deliver turnkey systems

What we offer:

  • Automation solutions, robot control, control technology, PLC
  • Conveyor systems, standard and custom-designed conveyor systems
  • Palletizing, automatic assembly, and inspection machinery
  • Machine servicing (automatic dosing of presses, injection molding machines
  • Sensor technology, data collection, production monitoring
  • Custom machine design and execution
  • Measuring, inspection, fitting devices
  • Camera inspection systems


Solutions we are proud of:


  • 300,000,000 litres of milk
  • 1,000,000 pallets
  • 500,000,000 nails
  • 250,000,000 vials
  • 700,000 aluminium rims
  • 900,000 peat sacks
  • 600,000 propeller blades
  • 500,000 carburetor components
  • 6,800,000 automotive safety components
  • 500,000 O-ring pins

                                   …pass through our systems smoothly!

When can we start working with you?


Our Services:

  • Comprehensive design and execution of custom machinery, production lines, robot cells
  • Design
    • Mechanical design (Siemens NX)
    • Electrical design (EPLAN)
    • Pneumatic design


  • Comprehensive execution
    • Assembly, electrical work, pneumatics
    • Programming (PLC, Robot)
    • Installation, commissioning, training, service support


  • Remote monitoring, operation support
    • Intelligent sensors, sensor systems
    • Production monitoring, operation supervision
    • SmartFactory