Manufacturing machine

Pallet product feeding, pre-sorting
Injection moulding machine integration
Festo Servo press
YASKAWA GP 25 robot
0,15 s cycle time

Sorting robot cell

One service robot and 5 simultaneous cabin queuing robot cells. Simultaneous coordinated operation of a total of 6 FANUC robots in an explosive aluminium dust environment. Dust filtering air extraction technology.
(one FANUC R-2000IC/210F, 5 db FANUC M710iC/50E)

Palletising robotic cell

Palletisation of boxed and jerrycan products
One ABB IRB 660

High speed automatic camera inspection

Automatic pre-production quality control
Pallet product feeding, pre-sorting
Keyence camera
0,1 s cycle time

Two robotic centre drilling robot cells

Premachining of metal slabs of various sizes (0.2-60 kg)
Material reception, thread saw integration
Machining, insertion of 2 centre drilling machines
Dispensing, in palettised form
Laser engraving machine integration camera control
Two ABB IRB 660

Mixed cardboard palletising robot cell

Peletted robot cell for cartoned products of various sizes
(one ABB IRB 660)

Foaming cabin service

Foaming with ABB robot (10 foaming booths served in parallel)
1 ABB robot (ABB IRB 620) on an 11 m bottom linear GÜDEL track
1 ABB robot (ABB IRB 440) on an 11 m long overhead suspended 4.5 m high GÜDEL track

O-ring automatic

Integrated system:

Ohrmann o ringing machine
Yamaha linear drive
Keyence camera
Siemens control system

Palletising robotic cell

Palletising robot cell for palletising carton products, two ABB robots
(ABB IRB 660, ABB IRB 460)

Collaborative partners